cate cooks

Pre-prepared meals, preserves and other lovely bits. Handmade. No preservatives or additives.

From the creator of north east Feast, 
you can enjoy Cate Hardman’s delicious food in the comfort of your own home – with Cate Cooks convenient pre-prepared meals.

Cate Cooks prepares simply delicious, additive free, all natural meal solutions. We take the hard work out of feeding your family or just yourself. Cate Cooks offer a regular menu with special seasonal limited editions added each month.

Our range offers kid, gluten free and paleo friendly options.

We make our stocks ourselves, we use Pink Murray River Salt and if we use a soy sauce or other condiment we can’t make, it is always the organic option and gluten free where possible.

We cook how we eat ourselves – naturally and additive free, so you know that whether feeding just you or your whole family that Cate Cooks really is good for you.

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