about us

north east Feast is a privately owned company started by Cate Hardman, a chef with many years’ experience.

Our staff is a collection of devoted industry professionals, food and wine lovers and great country cooks.

Together we create fabulous bespoke menus and events for each client. We can cook and serve onsite at your venue, meet you on tour or simply prepare and deliver everything to you. We can even assist with finding the perfect venue for your event.

about Cate Hardman

Cate Hardman has lived her life enjoying good food straight from the source. It’s not about the fact that it’s healthy for you – it’s the appreciation of its ‘effortless goodness’ that no cook or chef can replicate, regardless of their talent. That’s what Cate likes to call ‘honest’ food.

Now in her 33rd year in the industry as a chef, Cate grew up in Tasmania where her passion for food and creating dishes to excite the palate was evident from an early age. Surrounded by a large garden, Cate’s family grew the produce and caught the fish they ate. Family friends ran dairies and farmed beef and lamb. Everything on their plate was direct from the source and homemade, from bread to cordials, preserved fruits in jars that glistened in the pantry like jewels, and ginger beer.

It was this wholesome upbringing where food was celebrated that formed the basis of Cate’s approach to honest food. All the taste, colour and goodness, minus the additives – experiencing food just as it was intended to be enjoyed.
Cate began her career with an apprenticeship at a small restaurant and wine bar in Hobart, Tasmania, that boasted an impressive kitchen garden and a menu based on seasonal, local produce. Travelling to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and internationally in the US, Vietnam and the UK, Cate gained experience at highly regarded eateries and wineries including Moorilla Estate (now the home of MONA), T’ Gallant, Cole Valley Estate, Morganis, Sarti, Morgans, Coffea and Brown Brothers.

Combining her vast experience with her passion for honest food, Cate began her own culinary adventures with north east Feast, a catering company dedicated to creating exquisite, bespoke menus for events of all sizes, and Cate Cooks, providing delicious seasonal, additive- and gluten-free meals that can be enjoyed at home by all the family.

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